Interview with the Caprock Custom Application’s Chief Financial Officer, Ethan Eckstein, on what it means to be a small business owner.


With the New Year coming up small business owners around the United States are setting goals to really launch their business in 2018. This could mean hiring new employees, expanding into another physical location and, of course, generating revenue.

We sat down with our CFO and asked him “What does it mean to be a small business owner in today’s age?”.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about being a small business owner?

“For me… Personally, getting to give people jobs and reward hard working people have been the most rewarding things.” he said.

“It’s pretty cool to give individuals validation on their overall efforts. It’s awesome allowing people to enjoy what they do. Finding people who are inexperienced and working with them on a daily basis to grow their knowledge… it’s really rewarding,” Ethan admitted.

What does Caprock Custom Application’s motto “turn your ideas into reality” mean to you?

“It means that we help people not just think about something but create something tangible that will help their business,” he said without hesitation.

“We get to mold their idea into something useful.”

So, help businesses grow?

“Not just businesses.”

“It can be creating a process or awareness of a particular aspect of life. Just like Last Line of Cancer Defense,”

A project Ethan has recently undertaken. A local Lubbock firefighter, Joseph Wallace, came to Caprock Custom Applications in the hopes of creating a website that will sell anti-carcinogen products and provide education to assist Firefighters in combating their exposure to cancerous carcinogens.

“It’s meaningful to help our community grow in anyway that we can,” he said.

Where do you see Caprock Custom Applications in five years?

“I’d like the company to be well-known in the state of Texas. We’d like to have hired dozens more of employees, as well. Providing products for customers as well as services.”

He continued, “We’d also like to get to the point of having our employees volunteering and assisting the local communities. We’ve always liked giving back and helping people learn how to code. I think coding boot camps can really help the youth and really anyone who wants to learn.”

Now that we have an understanding of where you see the company in the future… what got you interested in the software industry in the first place?

“Well. I had no intentions to go into the software industry at first,” he confessed. “I had no idea to be honest. Basically, I took some programming classes back in college and I didn’t enjoy it at first.”

“My degree was Computer Information Systems, and I was required to take an internship for my degree. Thankfully, I met Mike (CEO of Caprock Custom Applications) before he graduated and he started his own company, Lonestar Programming, up shortly after. He asked me to intern for him for a few months and I did… This was back in 2007.”

“He showed me how to engineer useful things, instead of what I was programming in college… This changed my perspective on programming entirely.” Ethan said.

“Having meaning behind my coding made a world of a difference. I wanted to solve problems for people through programming. It gave me satisfaction to help people in something they needed.”

What’s the biggest thing, in your opinion, that will change the technology world? And why?

“Artificial Intelligence.” He said immediately.“No doubt. It’s gotten to the point where it will affect everything. It’ll take time….”

He paused.

“It’s kind of a weird concept if you think about it.”

“It will touch every aspect of life in the next 20 years. It’s not even developed fully, but it’s already making an impact.”

“It’s really science fiction-like. It’s happening pretty quickly. It’s the biggest thing that will change the technology world because it potentially will make things easier for us. In my opinion it needs to be developed carefully because of its capability.”

“I can’t state where it will go but someday there will be a breakthrough like nothing we have seen before.”