The Future of Apps: Disconnected Mobile Web Applications


The Future of Apps: Disconnected Mobile Web Applications


How many apps do you have on your phone right now? If you go to your app menu, do you scroll and scroll and scroll, unable to find the one you’re looking for in the clutter? Have you noticed that your phone has slowed down gradually as you add, remove, and replace apps on your phone? Welcome to the future of mobile apps where you and your phone will be free to operate at maximum efficiency. Disconnected mobile web apps can help you clear up all that mess while enjoying a faster and more secure mobile experience.


What is a disconnected mobile web application?

A disconnected mobile web application is much simpler than it sounds. It’s really just an app that isn’t stored on your phone. Rather than downloading an app to your mobile device and letting it eat up your memory, storage space, and battery life, you access it on the web.


So instead of sorting through your apps list or waiting for an app to load because you have 12 running in the background (which you can’t see or shut down), a disconnected mobile web app can be opened from an icon on your device that launches the app in a web browser.


If you have multiple disconnected web apps, they’ll all run smoothly and efficiently with just your web browser. No more phone brain freeze.


Why do I need a disconnected mobile app?

First, no more worrying about how much storage space you have left on your device or if it’s capable of doing umpteen things at once. Disconnected mobile apps streamline the way your device focuses its attention and energy so you can tap, tap, tap your way through all your tasks in a flash.


Second, they’re more secure. In the recent digital crisis caused by viruses like WannaCry, device security is a top priority for businesses and individuals alike. If you’re like most Americans, you use your mobile device for everything from calling your loved ones to paying bills to juggling your work calendar.


Using downloaded mobile apps means you have vast amounts of personal information stored on your phone that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. However, when you use disconnected mobile apps, nothing is stored on your phone. That means you can lose your phone and not shed a single drop of sweat over who might be accessing what on your phone.


Also, as an added bonus, since disconnected mobile apps are run on the web, they’re always updated. Gone are the days of sitting by your phone waiting for it to update 72 apps before you can use it again.


Why aren’t more people using disconnected web apps?

Think about where you get your apps currently. If you’re an Android user, it’s the Google Play Store. IOS users turn to the Apple App Store. This benefits the top dogs because they get data on what you download and, when you buy apps (even those $0.99 ones), they get to keep a chunk of the change. So of course Apple and Google don’t want their mobile users switching over to disconnected web apps.


But the truth is that disconnected web apps are safer, more reliable, are always up to date, and let you enjoy your mobile device the way it was fresh out of the box. Better yet, if you are tired of hunting through the app stores looking for one that will do what you need, you can have a custom disconnected mobile app made exactly to your specs.


If you’re looking for the app of your dreams, we can create a custom solution tailored to your exact needs. Tell us about your problem and we’ll offer a custom solution today.