Build Your Business on a Scalable Platform for High Growth


Build Your Business on a Scalable Platform for High Growth


You want your business to grow, right? Isn’t that the whole point? If so, you need to plan for the large customer base you hope to work with in the future, even if you’re dealing in small numbers today. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your growth with a platform that can’t accommodate your success. Instead, plan for the growth you want with a scalable platform.


What is a scalable platform?

When businesses first establish a platform online or as an application, their first inclination is to build a platform that can meet the needs of the current customer base. However, when that business grows to include more customers, users, or downloads, the platform requires significant redesign and development work to handle the larger population. This often means down time, loss of connectivity, or even loss of customers.


A scalable platform avoids all of these problems by operating in a growth-minded fashion from day one. A scalable platform allows more customers to use the software without changing the functionality, code, or style of the application. With a scalable platform, your application can accommodate larger numbers without extensive work behind the scenes.


The key to developing a successful scalable platform is in understanding the stress points on your unique application. For some applications, stress points may occur in memory, speed of information transmission, or simply loading a new window. It takes insight and an in-depth knowledge of customer behavior to predict these stress points and implement creative solutions to set up a reliable platform. Once the stress points are identified, a robust architectural foundation is created to support these stress points.


A scalable platform establishes the groundwork for increasing the number of users, amount of data, and amount of processing required over time. In order to accommodate this growth, custom software developers create a strong architectural framework within the application that allows different parts of the application to communicate with each other. In technological terms, we call this a “service oriented architecture” or SOA. Better communication means better functionality and room for growth. Overall, a scalable platform is a strategic method of preparing for the future with a strong foundation that can support greater success over time.


What does a scalable platform do for your business?

Running a business naturally involves a great deal of problem solving. However, you should be focused on solving your customers’ problems – not your own. In order for you to be the go-to resource for your customers, everything needs to run smoothly on your home turf. That’s where a scalable platform comes in handy.


A scalable platform anticipates future problems in the form of stress points. Working backwards, skilled software developers can create a service oriented architecture that reinforces these stress points and provides room for expansion. When customers use your application, they’ll enjoy a more fluid experience no matter how many users or how much data are being processed in the system. This translates into better functionality, greater customer appeal, and more revenue for your business.


How does CCA facilitate growth for my business?

Caprock Custom Applications specializes in designing and creating scalable platforms to meet the needs of your business and customers. We design your custom scalable platform with your future success in mind.


For example, we recently built a custom software application for a client who owns an insurance wholesale company that was processing just a few thousand dollars per month. Our client was working hard to grow the business and reach new clients, and we saw bright things in his future. So we designed a scalable platform that could handle the type of revenue he was hoping to earn.


Now he process millions of dollars every month on the custom platform we built. Although his business grew substantially, he didn’t need to make any changes in his operations because the platform we created for him was able to handle the dramatic increase in volume.


Modern businesses are expanding on a wide variety of technological frontiers. We want to meet you where you’re most comfortable. Whether you’re working with WordPress and need a custom plugin to handle your growing ecommerce inventory or you need a mobile app that will facilitate your business on the go, we’ll create the technology solution that you can take with you as you climb the ladder.


If you’re looking system that meets the needs of your business as it grows we can create a custom solution tailored to your exact needs. Tell us about your problem and we’ll offer a custom solution today.