Outsmart the Clock: Using Custom Software to Automate Tasks


You know your business inside and out, but it’s still a challenge to keep up with all the processes that go into handling each client relationship. From the sales funnel to getting signatures in all the right places, some tasks feel like more trouble than they’re worth.

That’s why automation is your best friend as a business owner. If you have a series of tasks you need to perform with each new client or customer you work with, why not automate those tasks? Here’s what automation can do to free up your time and head space so you can focus on quality client interactions.

Reaching Clients

Think about how you reach your potential clients. While you probably use a number of different marketing techniques, there are probably some that could run on their own. For example, if you like to keep in touch with your target audience through email marketing, why not set those touch points on an automated sequence.

With a custom software application, you can relax while an automated system constructs your email list, sorts prospects by position or industry, sends perfectly-timed emails, and records the open and response data for you. No more hustling to make sure you’ve followed up with each prospect. No more wondering about whether your email went through or was well-received.

How many hours per week would that save you?


As of 2014, 90 percent of Americans preferred using an electronic method of payment like using credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Americans love plastic and digital payments so much that 75 percent of shoppers over age 15 bought something online in 2014. So why are you still using paper invoices?

Now, if you have a soft spot for USPS and feel it’s your personal responsibility to keep the Federal Post alive, that’s one thing. But if you just like saving time and seeing black in your books, switch to an automated payment system.

Whether you’re collecting rent from tenants, sending a project invoice, or need a deposit on creative services, a custom application designed to fit your business processes can save you time while meeting your clients where they’re most comfortable.


What does your onboarding process look like? Are there forms to fill out, questionnaires to answer, contracts to sign? If so, automate it! You can serve your clients better by putting your skills to work rather than pushing papers.

Sure onboarding is a necessary step vital to the success of any project, but it doesn’t have to be painful. A custom application can house all of your onboarding documents in one attractive user interface and help you make sure all your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed for each client.


You’ve done your job, made your client happy, and collected your payment. Awesome! There’s just one thing left to do. Get a review.

In 2015, “a study of more than 57 million online reviews indicate[d] that consumer-generated content has an impact on purchasing decisions, even when customers research online, and buy in store.” So those Google+, Facebook, and Yelp reviews have a major impact on whether or not future shoppers will become your customers.

At the end of a project, rely on an automated system of collecting reviews and testimonials from each person you worked with. The right application will gather the information, get your client’s permission to publish online, and ready your rock star review for publishing on your website.

If you’re looking for an automated software or application to help your business maximize its productivity, we’ll create a custom application tailored to your exact needs. Tell us about your problem and we’ll offer a custom solution today.